Monday, 1. March 2021    

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If you have taken pictures of yourself in Lara Outfit (I will also accept guys as Kurtis, Indy...) you can send them in, and I will post them.
Please send your pictures to: sumbissions at Subject: Lookalike

  • Pictures should be bmp, jpg or gif only
  • Pictures should be less than 100K in size (if jpg or gif)
    (If you cannot reduce the size to under 100K, please send me the bmps.)
  • Approx. 800*600 or less in size, we are diplaying on a website here!
Give any of the following details, if you feel comfortable with it:
  • Name (this is a must be; people tend to forget to mention their name)
  • Age
  • From
  • email
  • Homepage(s)
  • hair colour
  • eye colour
  • stats, height, weight
  • hobbies
  • anything ...