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The Lost Artefact

2. Willard's Lair

(Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact - Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Slide down the hill and pick up the flares. Now jump into the passage quickly, before the spike wall can get you. Slide down the three slopes. A boulder will come down in the next passage. Run down and hang from the ledge. Wait for the boulder to get past. Then pull up and collect the crowbar.

Run up the passage the boulder came down. Crawl through the gap. You will come to a water hole. Jump in. Light a flare. You will be looking for the sets of arrows. One is on the ground right underneath the opening. The second set is on the left side in the middle. The third set is on the right wall in the far corner. Pick them all up then climb back outside. Crawl back into the passage where the boulder came down.

Run down to the end. From there take a running jump onto the platform in the middle. Drop down into the cave and shoot the red eyed dog. In one corner a passage is leading away. There you can see a small medipack. Be careful and wait for the trap to come out of the wall. Crawl underneath and pick up the small medipack. Follow the passage carefully. At the next corner is another trap. Again crawl underneath.


In the next cave you can see a couple of boulders. I won't lie to you, it's as bad as it looks. If you take one step at a time and jump back/sideways if necessary you will eventually make it through. Even with all the goodies.
This is how you can get through:
  1. Step outside and take one step to the right. The boulder on the left will be triggered. Jump backwards back onto the stairs to get out of the way.
  2. Then take two steps forwards to trigger the boulder on the right. Again jump back to avoid it.
  3. Now step onto the square right of the shotgun shells to trigger the boulder on the left. Again jump back to get out of the way.
  4. Now run towards the shells to trigger the boulder ahead. Jump sideways to get out of the way.
  5. Collect the shotgun shells.
  6. Now take one step to the left to trigger the boulder next to you. This won't harm you here.
  7. Step onto the platform where the last boulder was and then run to the left, stay close to the column. This way you will trigger the two boulders by the entrance.
  8. Step onto the platform between the left of the two boulders and the rocket to trigger the boulder in the passage on the right. Jump back to get out of the way.
  9. Now pick up the rocket. You will trigger the boulder in the corner. This one can't harm you here.
  10. Run behind the pillar and collect the Desert Eagle Ammo.
  11. Now run towards the passage which was blocked by a boulder and enter it.
Pick up the grenades in the left alcove. Take one step into the passage ahead. A boulder will come out. Step into the niche where you found the grenades. Then enter the passage again. Run up the stairs on the left.

This next part can be solved in many different way. There are two main solutions. The first one seemed a bit easier, but you will miss a large medipack. The second is more difficult but you will get all goodies. You can choose to follow the second solution.

Spike Walls

At the top look down into the passage on the left. You can see a spike wall. Slide down. Immediately pull up to the right. There is another spike wall. Quickly pick up the MP5 Ammo and climb further up. And a third spike wall. Now there are a few possibilities to continue. Either you take the 1st Secret right away or you leave it (for later).

Secret !!not!! now

If you don't want to take the secret this is what you'll have to do. By the third spike wall, run towards the lever and pull it to open the door on the right. Exit through it. Turn right and climb down to get a large medipack. Climb back up. Run up the stairs. Slide down through the third passage. By using passage one you might miss the platform. By using passage 2 you might get hit by falling debris. You will end in a room where all the paths meet. go here (Chamber with Debris, 4 Crows and small medipack)

Secret now

By choosing this path you will miss a large medipack.

Secret 1 - 1st Alternative:
Take a few steps to the side. Crouch and crawl backwards through the gap to get down behind the spike wall. Climb further down. Pick up the MP5 Ammo and the large medipack. Now climb back up. Collect the two packs of arrows. Then use the lever. This opens the door above. You can use it to shortcut. Go here (Chamber with Debris, 4 Crows and small medipack)

When you have chosen to collect the secret right now you can also go and pick up some goodies.

Climb up and advance towards the sign saying "ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE". Climb in. Crawl through the passage and stand up as soon as you can. Turn around and jump up to the gap. Pull up, make a backflip and turn in mid-air. Grab the ledge behind you and pull up before the (1st) spiked ceiling gets you. Turn around and when it got past jump over to the left side. There you can get some Shotgun Shells. Jump back onto the platform between the two shafts. Look to the right, this is where you can get next. Drop into the pit and hurry to pick up the shotgun shells. Then run over to the right and climb out to avoid the (2nd) spike ceiling. Step towards the next shaft. On both sides are spike traps. The (3rd) spike ceiling has already come down. Take a running jump to the other side. Drop down into the next chamber pick up the small medipack and climb out to the right before the (4th) spike ceiling comes down. Drop down into the passage. Before you are several spike traps. You can climb up on the vine on the left. Before you do so walk towards the end of the passage and collect the flares. Then return to the vine and climb up. Leave the ladder to the right.

From here you can climb up onto the next platform and this way reach the library. If you want to do so skip the next part and go here.

But first there are some goodies to collect. Climb down onto the green platform. Take a running jump towards the next platform. Climb down into the chamber on the right. By the vine at the entrance you can drop down into the chamber. Careful, the ceiling in this chamber will come down and you will have to fight a dog. Climb over into the next chamber. Run around on the outer walkway and follow it to the gap with the white ramp underneath. Drop onto it. Pick up the flares. Jump down onto the brown walkway. In this chamber all the paths will meet. Continue with the next chapter (Chamber with Debris, 4 Crows and small medipack).

Chamber with Debris, 4 Crows and small medipack

In this chamber you'll have to kill 4 crows. Carefully take one step towards the bigger part in the middle. Step back when the ceiling comes down. In one corner before a door you will find a small medipack. This is where you'll enter this chamber when you collected the secret but not the "abandon hope"-goodies. Now climb onto the white ramp. Pick up the flares, unless you've come down this way. Climb higher up. Climb around the outer walkway and jump into the next chamber. When this is your first visit you have to kill a dog. Be careful the ceiling comes down. If you jump back onto the previous walkway you can kill the dog from a safe distance. Jump back into this chamber and climb the vine on the left side. Climb over to the left and drop onto the platform there. (If you haven't collected the 1st secret yet but want to do so, you have to climb over to the dog statue. Behind it on the left you will find stairs leading to a lever you have to use to bring down a spike ceiling somewhere.) Climb up into the passage. Take a running jump towards the platform on the left. If you haven't collected the first secret you can do so now. As I have chosen the other way in this walkthrough go here to see the other solution.


From the highest block next to the vine climb up onto the platform above. Running jump towards the next platform and climb up.

Turn around. Take a running jump towards the next platform above. Pull up. Collect the Uzi Ammo. Then take a running jump back towards the previous spot.

Turn left to get into the next chamber. Turn left again to reach the balcony above the library. Kill the guard up here and the two below. Run down the stairs where the single guard came up or drop down. These bastards, they were playing Tomb Raider. Pick up the Cairn Key from the table in the middle. Nearby you will find a pack of flares and a small medipack one of the guards has lost.

Secret 2:
In the corner with the lower ground and the crates you will find that the left of the taller crates can be moved. Pull it out. Then walk around to the other side and pull it sideways. Run back around and find a closed door. Use the crowbar to open it. Behind it you will find stacked crates. The single crate on the left can be moved. Hidden underneath is some more MP5 Ammo. On the right is a row of very low crates. Step onto it and pull out the other crate twice. Step behind it to find some MP5 Ammo. Pull out the next crate to clear the path for the left crate. Now step onto the big wooden platform on the left. Push the crate there once. Underneath you will find a large medipack. If you cannot push it, you have forgotten to move the second crate on the right. Step back outside.


Run over to the book shelves. Ahead and to the left are two shelves that look different. They can be turned. Step into the alcove on the right. The shelf on the left will turn and you can enter the chamber behind. There you will find another turnable shelf. If you run around in this chamber the second shelf outside will turn. Run outside and step into the chamber to find shotgun shells. Now return to the little room using the following path: Get out through the left gap. Behind the second shelf turn right. Stay close to the shelf and do not run towards the opening. Now run right towards the chamber and through the open door on the right.

Radioactive Area

Run up the passage. Ahead is some green stuff on the floor. Do not step onto it. It will kill you. Shoot the dog coming from ahead.

Run over to the left. Follow the passage there and run up. You will come to a window. On the sill you will find some shotgun shells and a small medipack. Run back down towards the green acid.

On the left side is a safe walkway. Run up.

Secret 3:
You will come to an opening on the right. It's safe to go there. Climb into the window. There you will come to a yard that looks very similar to the one from the previous level. Run over to the left to find a marked stone platform. There you can use the Cairn Key. Three red bearded guys in kilts will attack you. Kill them. Then return to the passage and run further up the stairs. You will come to a spot where you have to jump over the acid. You will be attacked by another guy. Kill him. Note the open door on the left. Then climb through the archway ahead. On the right is an open crawlspace. If you want the secret and all goodies, stay away from the edge ahead. Crawl into the passage. Stand up on the other side and kill the guy quickly. Pick up the Uzi Ammo. Crawl back outside and climb over to the left again. Step through the open passage on the right. Drop down into the chamber. Under the archway you will find some Uzi Ammo. Run through the archway. You will come to an area covered with flowers. Kill another guy. As soon as you step around the corner of the building a second and third guy will appear. Run into the area they where guarding. On the left you can find some more Uzi Ammo. As soon as you pick up the second pack another guy appears below. Kill him. Climb down and kill another guy. Then run over to the opposite side. Climb down into the passage. The torches will be turned on, and another guy will attack you. Run up the stairs at the back. You will come past a steaming dog statue on your right. Run further up to leave the level.

If you don't want the last secret, run up the stairs to the top. Climb out through the archway and jump towards the helicopter.

Secrets: 3

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