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The Lost Artefact


(Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact - Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Giant Boulders

Take a standing jump forward and quickly another step to get away from the edge, or the giant boulder will knock you down. In front of you is a transparent walkway. Take one step forward. Make a roll and run over to the side to avoid the second boulder you have triggered. Run onto the walkway and collect the three sets of grenades. Then return to the central pit. Climb into the passage on the left to find some flares on the platform. Then run out onto the other walkway and collect the rockets and the grenades. Run back and over to the left side.

Mutants and Stairs

Climb up into the passage. Pick up the flares. Behind the fence on the left you can see a human (?) mutant with torch. Climb the first step and pick up the MP5 Ammo. Now shoot the two mutants appearing on the walkway left and right of the stairs. One shot of the Desert Eagle suffices. But you can shoot them with any other weapon as they do not attack right away. Drop down to the right. Run down into a chamber where you can find a small medipack. Run back up. Climb back onto the stairs and climb down to the left as well. There you can also find a small medipack. Run back towards the stairs. Run up to the top. Behind the right pillar you can find a rocket. Pick it up.

Floating Mutants and Invisible Platforms

Advance towards the acid filled pit with the floating mutants. Light a flare. On the left and on the right you can now see an invisible platform. Jump onto the left. See the figure on the right that emits a red beam? I guess this is an indicator. From there you can continue onto a platform slightly to the right. From there continue onto one further on the right. The next one is ahead. There is the indicator again. From there you can jump over the ramp to slide down onto a platform with a swinging fire pod. If you stay close to the right you are safe. Pick up the flares in the corner.

Sophia appears

Stay close to the slope and run past the fire pod to the other end of the platform. Jump forward onto the next platform. In the movie you can see Sophia appearing. She will be shooting energy bolts at you during the next part of the level. Jump forward. If necessary you have to fill up your energy. Run over to the right and climb the block there to find a small medipack. Jump up towards the platform with the floating creature. There you will be safe from Sophia's blasts. Pick up the small medipack on the next platform and by that get into the line of fire again. Turn left and get around the back and onto the block from where you can see Sophia again. Wait for her to rest till you climb. Climb further up.

Giant Boulders

Run to the back and over to the left. There you have to kill a mutant. Then pick up the large medipack. Run over to the opposite side and hide behind the pillar. You have to kill another mutant here. Step out and into the next chamber when Sophia is recovering for a moment. Hide behind the pillar. Be careful not to get in the way of the giant boulder. If you stay to close behind the pillar you might get hurt by Sophia's blasts even though you are hidden. Stand behind the pillar approx. one square away from it. When Sophia is having another rest you can get to the edge where the boulder went down and collect a large medipack on the platform there. Then climb back up. Wait for Sophia to stop again, then will full energy run up to the lever and use it. The doors left and right will open.

Switch and Ladder

Enter through one of the doors and kill a horde of mutants. I recommend the Desert Eagle. In this chamber you can find some flares and a small medipack - lost by the mutants I guess. On the left, there is another head with red indicator, you can find a passage. Follow it. Run past the swinging fire pod and use the lever left or the stairs. Then climb the ladder on top of the stairs. Climb further up to the left. Take a good look around. (Picture, click to see full size!) On your left are a couple of goodies, a rocket and a medipack. Opposite you can see the hand and Sophia climbing around. If you want to get the large medipack climb up when Sophia is recovering and pick it up. Drop down behind the wall quickly. Run towards the rockets on the left. You can get there without being hit, if you run along behind the wall. Pick them up.

Hand of Rathmore

Now stand behind the wall nearby. Pull up as soon as Sophia starts to recover. Jump over to the walkway on the left. And from there into a passage on the left where you can see a small medipack. Collect the medipack and the rocket. Wait for Sophia to rest again. Then step outside and use the rocket-launcher on Sophia. She will drop dead. Now run over to the opposite side to find another passage with rocket and small medipack. Pick them up. Now run towards where Sophia was. Pick up the Hand of Rathmore once more. The door behind you opens.

The Beach

But before you step through collect the rest of the goodies. You can use the walkway on the side to get to a chamber on the outside where you can pick up some more rockets. Now exit through the gate. Slide down and drop the long shaft down into the pool. Climb out. Run out towards the beach and see the balloon come down. Advance towards the balloon which is here to pick you up. The game is over as soon as you are close enough.

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