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The Lost Artefact

5. It's a Madhouse

(Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact - Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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The Hand

You start this level under water. Swimming towards the surface might be difficult as the current is very strong. If you look into the inventory you will find that you have lost the hand. But you can collect it again. Swim over to the green corner. There you can find the Hand of Rathmore. It will be hard to see, just press action to collect it, while above this square. You can light a flare to see it clearly. Dive up towards the surface and swim over to the brown stairs. Pull out and run up the stairs. At the top pick up the flares and climb the ladder. The trapdoor above the ladder has opened when you collected the hand. Climb out to get into the zoo.

The Zoo

You are now on a terrace with chairs and tables. Turn left to get onto a second terrace. There you can find two packs of shotgun shells. A Citroen 2CV drives past outside. Return to the other terrace and turn left to exit it. On the building in front of you is a sign saying "la volière" (the aviary) "le jungle" (the jungle). The gate on the left is closed. Step through the gate on the right. On the left side, in front of the cage with a white tiger, you can find some shotgun shells. Step through the gate by the signs "C'est le Zoo ici!" (translates: That's the Zoo. This shows a map of the zoo. Not one you can read, alas.) If you run up the stairs you will meet two inhabitants of the jungle area. Two white tigers will attack you.

Zoo Key

On the right side, by the Jeanne D'Arc poster, you can climb up onto the wall. From here you can shoot the tigers from a safe distance. Run onto the white/blue canopy and from there jump up towards the balcony. There is a hole in the leaves this is where you can get through. Collect the key in the passage behind. Climb back out and drop back onto the ground. On the left side, by the jungle sign you can find a lock where you can use this key. (Picture) Open the door with it. Run down the stairs. On the right is another zoo map. Step out into the next room. There are "Planet of the Apes" Signs all around. If you look through the fence you might see why. This area looks a lot like a playground for monkeys. Use the lever. Run over to the left part of the chamber, there is an opening in the fence. You have opened it with the lever. Next to two benches you can find some shotgun shells.

Jungle Maze

Climb though the open gate. In front of you is a crawlspace in the thicket. Crawl through to find a large medipack. Through the window you can see a white tiger. Crawl back and run over to the red/brown block. Collect the flares. Through the window you can see more tigers. Climb onto the block. This way you will reach the maze. You will encounter three tigers within this maze, you have to kill.
You have to follow the left blue arrow first to get some goodies and a Secret. Climb into the left passage and run ahead.

From the grey block in the right corner you can take a running jump onto the lower hedge. Grab the ledge and pull up to get onto the maze.

Climb over the block and continue ahead. You can enter a roofed passage. Turn left and run down into the jungle area.

Jungle Passage

Run down the passage. You are now in the tiger cage, behind the windows through which you have seen the tigers earlier.

Secret 1:
On the right is a well hidden passage which is covered with leaves. Enter the passage. Climb up to the right. At the end you can climb out to the left. You will come to a beautiful yard with a Jeanne D'Arc Statue. A Citroen 2CV drives down the street. This is where you have seen the first one through the fence. Run towards the statue and pull the lever at the back to open a trapdoor by another statue. This is important or you won't be able to get secret 3! Run down the street. Kill the monkey at the end. In front of a hotel on the right you can find a small medipack. Run into the narrow passage. There you will find another Citroen 2CV. See picture. Click to see bigger picture. In the left niche you can find a large medipack. Through the fence you can see another Jeanne D'Arc statue. At the end of the passage you have a nice view of the sea below. There you can collect some MP5 Ammo. If you pick up the one in the corner you can see two creatures moving in the area below. You cannot get down there now. We will visit this area later. Run back up and climb onto the block with the plant again to get back into the jungle area.

Back in the jungle turn right. Follow the path ahead to a fenced area. There you can find some Uzi Ammo in the right corner. Run back out and up the passage to get back into the maze. First follow the long roofed passage to the last exit. Follow the right blue arrow in the graphic above to find the path to the monkey house. To reach the monkey house get outside and turn right. Now follow all the left turns to the monkey house.

Monkey House

Enter the monkey house. A key is shown to you. Two monkeys appear and one will nick the key. Kill him before he can get away through the door. Collect the Aviary Key. The door will close. If the monkey gets away with the key and the door closes behind him, you have to get the key later.

Underneath the entrance area you can find a platform with some grenades. You can reach it with a running jump. (Picture) Grab the ledge and pull up. Afterwards you might want to jump into the water to get some more grenades. By the platform where you leaped of you can find a grey square. In front you can pick up some grenades. You can get out of the water here, but there are more grenades to get. On the side where the key was you can find a little niche with some grenades in the water. Then if you dive into the middle of the chamber, in the stone passage you can find more grenades. Pick them all up and then leave the water. Climb back up.

Opposite the entrance you can see another green passage. In front you will find a small medipack. Pick it up.

Traps and Tigers

Look down. The whole floor is covered with traps. On the right you can see a white tiger in the distance. The ceiling there can be used to monkey climb. After a while you have to climb over to the left. At the end turn a bit to the right and drop down onto the platform below. You have to slide down forwards. If you didn't turn right you might slide down backwards. Jump and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the right. At the end you can let go. You will land between the spikes. Through the gap you can climb out onto the stairs. Kill the tiger coming up. At the upper end you will find a closed door. That's the one from the monkey house. Run down the stairs. If the monkey got away with the key you might meet him here.

Do not run up on the other side. But step outside. Run down the stairs behind the tree trunk. Behind the green plant on the left you can find a small medipack. Return to the walkway and follow it towards the spikes. Then climb up on the right. Turn around and take a few steps to the left till you see the alcove with the flares in front. Make a running jump towards the alcove. Pull in and collect the flares. Jump back. Get back down and now walk through the spiked to come to the end. There you will find a ladder on the left wall. Use it to get into the alcove in the left corner. There you can find some Uzi Ammo. Use the ladder to get back up and return to the passage with the stairs at the other end.

Way to the Slide

Back on the stairs note the closed gate through which you can see the monkey playground. Now run up the stairs. At the top you will find a lever. Use it to open the gate. The monkey will steal a small medipack. Shoot him and collect the medipack. If he gets away you might be able to find the small medipack behind the plant where you found the other one just a second ago. Step out into the room where he took the small medipack. Turn right to come into a hall. On the left and in front you can see through the windows to see other areas. Especially pay attention to the area in front. At the back on the right is another passage. Follow it. On the left you can climb up to find a slide.

Monkey Playground

Hold on to the zip line till you've reached the end. There do not shoot the monkeys yet.

Secret 2:
Follow the monkey to the right. This is the gate leading back onto the stairs. Again visit our plant to find some more medipacks, if the monkeys nicked them. Then again run up the stairs. In the broad passage you will now find that the fence at the end is open. Step through. Collect 2 packs Desert Eagle Ammo and a large medipack. Return to the monkey playground. The slide is back up, so you can use it.

Back on the island you can pick up the two rockets. By the zipline you can find a single waterhole. In the water you can find a second Aviary Key. Watch the piranhas. Then jump into the water pick up the key and climb back out as quickly as you can. If you climb out on the wrong side backflip to avoid dropping into the water. Now run towards the block with the lever. Pull it. The door that opens is timed. Hop back, then jump up onto the block and sprint along the bridge and through the door. You are back in a chamber where you pulled a switch before the maze. Run up the stairs to get out into the yard.


Now run towards the gate opposite. Use the first Aviary Key to open the gate. Enter the aviary. Follow the walkway till you can hear the first bird cry. Run back towards the entrance platform, to avoid being pushed of the walkway. Shoot the birds. Get back onto the walkway and follow it.

By the palm tree, underneath the zip line, at the back, you can see a square below. Drop down to find some shotgun shells under the right canopy. To leave the area step towards the water. On the left side you can see a wooden platform. Take a running jump to get there. If you drop into the water, swim over there and climb out. On the left you can see a ladder behind a tree trunk. Jump onto the platform around the tree. Get to the back and climb up the ladder. In a passage at the top you can find Shotgun Shells, Desert Eagle Ammo and Uzi Ammo. Climb the ladder back down. Jump over to the platform with the palm tree. From there you can jump back up towards the walkway.

Follow the walkway to the end and jump onto the platform with the small medipack. Pick it up. Jump back onto the walkway. A few steps back you can take a running jump towards the ladder. Climb up. Turn towards the right. There is an arch and some ammo on the leaves. Take a running jump to get there. Pick up the ammo. Look out, on the left is another platform. Take a standing jump onto it. Continue with a running jump onto the grey pillar. Shoot the vulture.

Take a running jump towards the next green platform. Follow the walkway to find some grenades at the end. Take all the way back to the grey pillar.

Use the slide to get down.

Second Statue of Jeanne D'Arc

You will land in a yard with another Jeanne D'Arc statue. Use the second aviary key, on the lock, on the statues right side. A gate opens. Follow the passage. In the yard you can see an opening in the ground. Ignore it or follow the alternate Ending if you didn't get the second aviary key, or forgot the lever at the first statue, by secret 1. Enter the next passage on the left to come to a third Jeanne D'Arc Statue.

Secret 3:
In front is an open trapdoor. Drop down. Run down the stairs. Jump onto the walkway with the flares and collect them. Go one step down and jump onto the next platform. There you can collect the rocket. Run onto the lower platform to find another rocket. Careful the moving stuff is not water, it's just fog, and the green stuff is acid. Jump onto the ladder. Climb down a bit and leave the ladder with a backflip to land in an alcove. Pick up another rocket. Take a running jump onto the ladder and climb back up. Leave it with a backflip to get back onto the big platform. On the side opposite the ladder you can drop down onto a walkway leading to the beach.


Shoot the three mutated creatures. Run over to the two green platforms on the right. Collect the first large medipack. Two more mutants arrive. Kill them. Then pick up the second medipack. Now climb up the giant stairs on the other side of the beach. Lower yourself backwards into the chamber. You are now in a room with two pools with acid in them and a couple of "floating" dead mutants. By the second pool you can see a mutant with a hole in his body. Before you continue you can try and climb into the adjacent cave. Pick up some flares and rockets on the platforms there. Return to the cavern with the dead mutants. Jump onto the platform in the middle of the pool and place the hand in the hole in the mutant.

Alternate Ending

When you didn't collect the second Aviary Key, or you forgot to use the switch by the first secret you have to take an alternative route, and you will miss the third secret.
Drop down through the hole. Walk down till you reach the gap. Jump over to the flares and pick them up. Follow the stairs down. Opposite you can see the secret area. You will miss this part. Drop down onto the safe ground at the end. There you can see a pool with acid and a couple of "floating" mutants. In the middle of the first pool is a safe platform. Jump onto it and place the hand into the hole in the mutant.

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