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The Lost Artefact

1. Highland Fling

(Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact - Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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The River

Climb up the wall on the left. The leaves there can be used for climbing. Drop down on the other side. Run towards the pool. On the right is a crate. Pull it to the left once and climb onto it. Jump up to the ceiling and monkey climb to the opposite side. Drop onto the triangle platform and collect the small medipack. You slide into the water. Dive into the passage and turn right. Follow the river. The current will take you to a bridge. Swim over to the jetty on the left. Dive underneath to get some arrows. Follow the river towards the next bridge. In the far right corner you can find some more arrows. Swim over to the left. Climb out. Behind the first and the last pillar of the bridge you can find more arrows.

By the Jetty

Jump back into the water and return towards the jetty. Climb out. Run up the muddy path. On your left you can find an entrance. (Shortcut: Climb onto the block in the far left corner and jump over to the platform on the right. From there you can get onto the bridge.) Enter the entrance on the left. There you will find a ramp. (Shortcut:If you run up the ramp, you will meet a guard on the right. If you give him enough time he will open a gate to the left to release two dogs and open the path to a medikit.)

Instead of running up, run down towards the crawlspace hidden behind it. Crawl through to reach a cave. On the right you can find some flares. Crawl into the passage on the left. Stand up on the other side. Crawl through the next cave opening. At the end of the passage you will find a lever on the right wall. Use it to open a trapdoor. Run back towards the next corner and climb up through the opened trapdoor. Kill the two red eyed dogs and collect the large medipack. Behind the fence you can see a guard. If you run around the back of the cave the gate opens. Step through.

Kill the guard. He loses some flares. On the right you can find some shotgun shells. (This is where you would have come up the ramp if you hadn't gone into the crawlspace.) Now examine the bridge tower the man was guarding. Through the barred window at the end you can look out onto the bridge, where you'll spot another guard. But climb out through the window on the right. Turn left. (This is where the paths join if you have taken the first shortcut.)

The Bridge

Take a running jump over to the left onto the bridge. Kill the guard. He loses some shotgun shells. There are some more on the left. If you look over to the left you can see a little tower with a flag. If you look closely you can see Nessi in the fog. You can see her better when you bend over, looking downwards.

Goodies (Uzis):
Where you found the shells turn left and face towards Nessi. On the left you can see a brown part of the shore. Before it is a corner of the river. There is no current in this part. Take a running jump to get there. While in the air you have to press action to land exactly there. Continue holding down the action button so that when the time is right Lara will climb out of the water. Now carefully press jump and down once while facing the safe shore. Repeat this to dive upwards step by step. After some time Lara might climb onto the shore. If you cannot make it. Download this savegame Look at this screenshot. Collect the Uzis in the corner. Look over to the distant shore to see the harpoon gun. Jump into the water and dive back towards the jetty. Climb out and take the long way up onto the bridge again.

Now run over to the side with the dog statues. A crow will attack you. Kill it.

Goodies (Harpoon Gun):
On the left side jump down onto the rock. Run down towards the wooden crates by the water. On one of them you can collect a small medipack. Now climb up the rocks and over to the area where you spotted the harpoon gun from the other shore. Slide down the ramp by the castle wall and at the end jump over to the right to land on safe ground. Collect the harpoon gun and some arrows. Now jump into the river once again and take the whole way onto the bridge again.

This time turn to the right side and look over to the next bridge. Just underneath, on the left side you can see a rocket. Running jump towards the platform below you. From there you can climb up to the left and take your way around by the wall. At the end you can get down to the water on the right and towards the rocket. Pick it up and again take the familiar way up onto the bridge.

Now run towards the steaming alcove. A flock of bats will fly past but they won't harm you. Collect the shotgun shells in this alcove. Now turn right. In the distance you can see another guard. Jump over the gap and shoot him.

Secret 1:
Now get back towards the gap and hang from the ledge. You will find that you can climb the vines. Climb over to the right and then up. A crow will attack you. Climb up to the top and leave the vines with a backflip onto the roof. Now shoot the crow. When you explore the area behind you, you will encounter a second crow and another guard. Run towards the tower and climb up to find a shotgun and some shells. Use the same way to get down again.

Crowbar and Switch

Run towards the wall behind which the guard you shot earlier was hiding. On the right is a little pond. Jump into that pond and collect the harpoons and the crowbar. Movie: You will see another guard in his chamber. Now step into the alcove where the other guard was and use the lever there. This lever is timed. Immediately make a sideflip to the left to get over the wall. Turn left and run along the passage. Jump over the gap and enter the first chamber on the right, before the door can close. Shoot the guard. Collect the small medipack. Turn right and left. In the next yard you will meet another guard. He will open a door ahead. Shoot him after he has done that.

Secret 2:
Step through the open door and pry open the next door with the crowbar. Inside you will find the MP5 Rifle and some ammo. Step back outside. The door might be closed by now. Crawl into the gap on the right. Follow it. A gate will open and the first set of fires will go out. Crawl out into the yard again.

Run out into the yard with the gravestones.


On the right side you will encounter another guard. Kill him and collect the shotgun shells. In this corner is a swamp and fog. Avoid it. Run over to the left instead. There is another guard who loses some shotgun shells. Run into the direction he came out of. Careful there is another swamp again. Walk towards the edge and make a standing jump onto the pillar on your right. Continue onto the flower covered pillar on the right. Kill the crow before it can push you off the pillar. Make a standing jump onto the lower green pillar on the left. With a running jump without grabbing the ledge you can reach the pillar with the obelisk. Jump over towards the emblem on the right. There you can wade through the mud. In the next chamber turn left.

1st Thistle Stone

Crawl into the passage in the far left corner. Crawl out into the yard on the left. Turn right and take a good look at the dog statues. Run over to the large medipack. As soon as you have picked it up the two dogs come to life and attack you. After they are finished, collect the ammo on the other crates. Crawl back into the passage and follow it further along. Stand up and run along till you meet the next crawlspace. Stand up at the end and climb up to the right. Climb further up to the right and collect the small medipack. Now climb into the steaming alcove. There you can pick up a Thistle Stone (#1). Jump up to the ceiling and hold on to it. Climb along to the left. At the end let go. Slide down towards the pond. You are back where you found the crowbar.

Switch in Tower

Turn right and run to the other end again. Jump over the gap and run towards the tower. You cannot get in from this site as the slope it to steep. Step out onto the bridge and behind the dog statue turn right. Make a running jump into the tower window. A flock of bats comes out. Use the lever inside. This opens a door back by the castle. Now leave through the left window. You will slide down, jump at the latest opportunity to get back towards the castle. Enter the first chamber on the left quickly. Shoot the guard. The lever in the area on the right is for getting out of the chamber if you have forgotten the first thistle stone.

Pit with Strange Fluid

Run into the passage ahead. On the right is a gate where you can place two thistle stones. Run into the passage on the left. Run up the stairs. The steaming dog statue will come to life when approached. Run further up. Run down into the next cave. Note the window high above in front, this will be of importance later on. Turn left and run past the pit. In the left corner you will find some flares. If you look out through the gate you might spot Nessi again. Now look up towards the bridge over the pit. The underside is covered with vine. Position underneath and walk towards the edge of the pit. Jump straight up and grab hold. Monkey climb to the other side. Drop into the passage and crawl through the gap. Turn right and quickly crawl into the next gap to avoid the boulder coming down the hill.

2nd Thistle Stone

Run up to the top and crawl along the upper platform to get into the gap there. Stand up and climb to the top. Shoot the guard on the left and the crow. Run up to the top of the stairs and pick up the medipack in the alcove on the left. Get outside turn right and make a running jump towards the next platform. Grab the ledge and pull up. A flock of bats will come from the right. Step inside. Take a good look at the archway you entered through. It is covered with vine. Picture. Climb up there and jump onto the platform behind you with a backflip. Take a running jump onto the green platform in the middle. There you have to shoot a crow. Collect the MP5 ammo at the end. Then stand at the other end and climb up into the opening. You will come to the roof. Run over to the steam and pick up the Thistle Stone (#2). Kill the crow. Now climb back down. Make a running jump over to the alcove with the small medipack. Pull in and collect it.

Nessi and the Thistle Stone Gate

If you want to make a quick exit without getting all the secrets, jump back towards the green platform in the middle. From there take a running jump towards the broad green passage. Slide down. Run down the stairs to return to the gate where you can use the Thistle Stones.

Secret 3:
Drop down onto the walkway again. Turn around and jump onto the bridge. From there make a running jump into the passage on the left. Collect the MP5 Ammo at the end. Take a standing jump over to the window on the left. Remember I told you to have a look at this window earlier on. Behind it you will slide down the ramp and land on a pillar. Drop down and run into the foggy passage. Jump into the water and swim into the next passage. Climb up on the right. On the left Nessi will appear. She spits fire. Wait for her to stop then jump into the pool underneath. Follow the passage down. You will emerge in a bigger cave underneath her belly. Dive deeper down and then up the narrow passage on the right. Swim alongside Nessi and find an entrance in her belly. Surprise, it's a machine. Inside you will find a guard. Kill him, then collect the grenades and a large medipack. Use the lever on the right to open a gate on the left. Run outside. Run up the stairs and kill a dog. Run further up. There is a bit more of climbing to do till you will slide down onto the stairs at the end.

Run down the stairs again. Use your thistle stones at the gate below. Step through and collect the flares. Slide down into the next level.

Secrets: 3
Weapons: Uzi, Harpoon, Shotgun, MP5 Rifle

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