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The Lost Artefact

4. Sleeping with the Fishes

(Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact - Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Red Wheel

This level might start with an underwater view. Press the look button to focus on Lara. She is standing in a passage with a locker. Run into the next chamber. If you look out through the window on the right you can see a room with a pool. Run into the next chamber. Through the window ahead you can see another pool and a guard. On the left is a locked door with a wheel. Run into the right part of the chamber. On the left is a passage. It has windows on both sides. Through the left you can still see the room with pool, on the right you can see the outdoor area. Take a good look around if you want to know what awaits you, otherwise step into the passage on the left to enter the pool room. If you get the chance, kill the soldier on the walkway above. Run around the pool to reach the red wheel. Turn it. This opens the closed door with wheel we located in the left area. The guard will be released and he might enter the pool room. Unless you have killed him.

Exploring Outside

If you jump into the pool you can dive outside. One direction has some gratings on the ceiling. In the area right of it you will find a little cave and a glass ceiling. There you can collect arrows on the ground. In the area opposite the gratings you will find more of the yellow structure with one flooded chamber and one with gratings. Enter the flooded chamber on the right. On one of the walls, in the left corner, you can find an underwater lever. Use it to open a gate. A chamber with goodies and a diver will be shown to you. This door is in the same room you are in. Turn around and shoot the diver with your harpoon gun. If you haven't collected it, hurry to get out of the water. Dive into the neighbouring chamber and climb out of the water. Pick up the arrows and three packs of shotgun shells. The strange looking object in the other corner can not be picked up. Dive back outside. On the fourth side you will only find a yellow wall. Return to the pool and climb out again.

Outside Area with Divers

Run back outside and turn right till you find the open door. Step through. In the left alcove you can find a small medipack. Follow the stairs up. Do not slide down to the right, this is where we come from! Follow the walkway. You will come to an opening on the left. But for now continue along the passage. At the end you can find MP5 Ammo. Turn around and step into the opening. Slide down into the water. In front is a closed door. Swim over to the left and use the lever to open the door. This will also alert two divers. Dive outside and kill the two divers with your harpoon gun. Dive up into the pool in the middle.

Chamber with Crates and Switch

Climb out. In this room are green crates marked "parc zoologique" - a little hint on what awaits you in the next level, and the familiar yellow boxes with SLinc. Behind the stack of yellow crates you can see another goodie chamber. From here you can pull one of the green boxes onto the yellow ones. Now step towards the other box and push it away from the entrance. (red arrows in left picture) Behind it is a passage with a small medipack. Climb onto the big grey platform and pick up the flares. Then use the switch in the niche. A gate under water opens. Now climb onto the platform with the arrows and collect them. Jump back into the water.

Secret 1:
Dive back towards the cage structure. Dive up to get on top of the cage. On the yellow ledge you can collect some ammo. On the left you can find an opening in the yellow wall. (right picture) Dive in and collect the arrows you will find in the passage. Dive out on the other side. There are two dolphins swimming around. They are harmless. Dive over to the left, the current will prevent you from going elsewhere anyway. In the left corner is another passage. Dive down. Dive up to get out of the water. Climb out. Collect the two large medipacks and the arrows. Jump back into the water and dive along the tunnel till you can climb out again. Follow the next passage. Kill the guard. Pick up the MP5 Ammo. Then at the right end jump into the water. Swim over to the left and on your way collect the small medipack, the arrows. Dive out and return to the structure in the middle. Catch some breath.


Swim towards the open gate in the yellow structure. There is a current which will take you through the passage. In the next area dive up the long shaft of the next yellow structure. (picture shows the inside) In the next section you might need to return here once in a while to get some air. Inside you can find some arrows and a large medipack. Take a look out through the windows. In one direction you can see a yellow diving bell. There is also at least one diver in that area. At the left of the three windows you can see a support for an object you need to obtain first. Arm your harpoon gun and dive outside. Search for the divers. They might be lurking above the structure. Dive up and shoot them. Return to the inside for fresh air.

Circuit Bulbs

When the divers are finished swim on top of the yellow structure. Pick up the grenades. Dive towards the two cranes but stay up here. Swim over to the area right of the two cranes. There is an alcove in the rocks with some flares and a Circuit Bulb (#1). (picture, here you can find an earlier image) Collect it. By the two cranes you can pick up a rocket. After you have taken a deep breath quickly dive over to the left and behind the two cranes. On the upper level you can find another opening leading into a diving bell. Inside you can pick up a small medipack and another Circuit Bulb (#2). Dive down to the ground. By one of the lamps you can find arrows. Return to the central structure and place the two bulbs in the receptacles. The yellow one on the right, the blue one on the left. A door by the last lantern opens. Jump back into the water and follow the lanterns. You will reach the open door.

Secret 2:
Dive into the passage right of the open door. When you reach the huge cave you can see goodies on the ground. Pick up any item. After collecting one of them a diving boat will come down and run you over unless you got out of the way. Collect the second goodie, if you have enough air. Opposite is a passage in the ground. Dive in. You will find an air hole at the other end. Collect the small medipack and the arrows. Dive back outside and behind the yellow sub. On the right you will come to an old sunken sub. On top you can find the Desert Eagle and two packs of ammo. Above the conning tower of the sub you can find an air hole. Dive back towards the little yellow sub and out through the passage on the right.

Control Room

Now dive through the newly opened door. Dive up the long shaft and take a deep breath. In the passage above is a window through which you can look into a control room. You can see a guard inside. The door to this room, as well as the big gate at the end are locked. If you want an easier life later on you can explore the cave outside before you release some strange animals, to get an idea where you have to go. Look at the beginning of the next part. (picture shows this area with doors still closed) Get your guns out and shoot in the air to get the guards attention. Kill him when he opens the door. Step inside the room. On the right you can collect a small medipack and some flares. Avoid the square in the middle of the room. This is a trapdoor. If you drop through, read in the next section to find out what you have to do. Press the button to open a door in the passage outside. Get there and step through the open gate. Run into the passage on the left. On the right side are two red wheels. Turn the right wheel to open the left door in the water outside. Turn the left wheel to open the right door. Run down to the end of the passage and collect the rocket in the right alcove and the small medipack at the end. Now run back up and return to the water. You can also drop through the trapdoor in the control room to come out by the air hole.

Area with Grey Structure

Dive back down. Right next to the airhole is another passage. Dive through. In the chamber behind you can see a grey structure. You can reach an airhole if you dive in from underneath. You cannot get out of the water there. This is where you will come down when you have dropped through the trapdoor in the control room.

Here you will be attacked by two strange looking creatures. They look like mutated crocodiles to me. Shoot them with the harpoon gun. You could also get them to follow you back to the passage by the control room and shoot them with any weapon from outside.

Explore the area around the grey structure. On one wall you can see the two opened doors with green stuff oozing out. Right of it is a metal bridge. The left wall is mainly rocks and caves. The fourth wall is mainly white/grey. Swim over to the wall which is mainly covered with rocks. On the left you can find a niche with some arrows.

Secret 3:
Take a deep breath and dive over to the metal bridge. Between the two left pillars, on the ground, you can find a well hidden passage. Dive in to attract a strange creature. Get it to follow you out and kill it with the harpoon. Get some air. Then dive down the passage again. Collect the grenade launcher, the grenades and the large medipack. Dive back outside and get some air.

Mutant Samples

Now swim over to the two opened doors. Swim through the right one. Pick up the Mutant Sample (#1). Then return to the airhole once more. Swim into the left passage. Pick up the Mutant Sample (#2) and follow the passage further along. Dive out into the chamber and climb onto the walkway. Run up the stairs and kill the soldier on the walkway up there. Collect his small medipack. Note the two pipes pointing downwards. Above are two tanks. Seems like you have to activate the water.

Climb up onto the next walkway on the left. The one on the right will lead to a dead end. On the left walkway you can find a rocket. Climb up onto the single platform above the rocket. There you can find some grenades. Pick them up. Climb back down to the walkway where you killed the soldier.

Now run down the stairs and into the storage chamber. There you can see a couple of mutated creatures and some samples in boxes. Push the green box at the far end. Underneath you can find some Uzi Ammo. The box at the entrance can also be pulled away. It will reveal a console. Use the green/blue sample there. In the right corner is another console where you can use the red sample. The chamber above will fill with water. Run back up. Jump into the water and pick up the Hand of Rathmore, the lost artefact. A door on your right opens. Swim through. You are in a chamber with a dolphin. Distract him, and use the lever on the left wall. Dive through the next open door and up into the shaft. Dive further up and ignore the creature. Climb out of the water. Jump into the sea.

Secrets: 3
Weapons: Desert Eagle, Grenade Launcher

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