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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

Walkthrough Version 1.0 - February 2003

Tian Shan River

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The adventure begins with the Canyonlands. This is supposed to be a level for training.Walkthrough First you should get comfortable with the menu.

The Menu

Press ESCAPE to enter the menu. You have to press right to choose the categories.
First category is weapons. Here you can choose anything from fists to whip. You will collect more weapons throughout the game.
Second category is pickups. There you will find your treasures, antidotes...
Third category is some chalk and a lighter.
Fourth category is the most important one. There you can see your statistics, save your game... o make the game more playable for people who are used to Tomb Raider go to the forth category, choose options and mark "always run",

By pressing the draw button you will draw the weapon you have chosen in the inventory. You can use the numbers on your keyboard to choose a different weapon in-game.
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