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1. Canyonlands

(Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Climbing and Jumping

If you need some guide with the controls, go here. Advance towards the gap. Now either jump over it or run over the edge and Indy will grab the wall opposite. Climb the rocks. Then climb up the ladder. Drop onto the ground. Here you can find a strange looking block with markings. Stand in front of it and press the action button. Indy will prepare to move the block. Press backwards to pull it out. Pull it a second time.

Treasure (1):
Then push it underneath the opening in the wall. Climb onto it and up into the alcove. There you can find some coins on a pedestal. Get back down.

Now step into the passage that was hidden behind. Drop to the ground. Then get down onto your knees and crawl through the gap. When you are out on the other side press crouch to get up again.


Now get towards the edge. Take a few steps back. Run forward and then jump to get over the gap. Repeat this at the next gap. Here Indy will grab the ledge and pull up. At the end Indy will look up to a bar. He will mention the whip. Get it out. When you are at the correct position to use the whip Indy will hold it up. Press action to use the whip. Press up to climb it. Then leave it with the jump button.


Drop down into the next canyon. Get out your gun and shoot the snake advancing towards you. When the snake bites you, you have to take an antidote from your inventory.

Treasure (2):
Then step through the doorway and collect the blue gem. Through the gap in the wall you can see a dead adventurer who has lost a bar. Get back out.

Climb the block on the right and make a running jump over to the bigger platform. There you can use the whip again to reach the next platform.

When you have reached the other side you can see a little animation. Indy drops through the ground, into the chamber with the dead adventurer and then he drops again into the river. This all will happen before you can react.


At the beginning of this scene you are under water. Use the button you used for jumping and climbing to move under water. Press up to swim towards the surface.

Treasure (3):
Swim towards the shore and climb the steps towards the ladder. Then climb the ladder. Climb off to the right. You are now in the chamber with the dead adventurer again. Pick up the bar of gold. Climb back down and get back into the water. You can also climb up to the top and jump from the roof into the river.

Excavation Site

Swim towards the waterfall. And let the current take you down.

Treasure (4):
Dive into the alcove on the side and pick up the treasure.

Treasure (5):
Now dive into the other shaft and follow the passage into a huge cavern. Climb out of the water. Take a look what might have been a giant well once. At the bottom you can see another skeleton with his treasure. Climb carefully down the blocks and pick up the pile of gold coins. Then climb back up. The ladders lead back up towards an area you explored at the beginning. Dive back.

Climb out of the water to reach the excavation site.

In the cut scene Indy will pick up an artefact. A helicopter arrives. Follow Indy's advice to climb uphill.

Hill Climb

Treasure (6):
Run into the left passage and collect the crystal from the dead explorer.

Treasure (7):
Then run into the passage ahead. In an alcove on the left you can find another crystal.

Backtrack towards the excavation site. Now to your left are some stairs. Climb up.

Treasure (8):
After two steps you will reach a gap. Jump down and get down to your knees to crawl through the gap. Pick the golden statue from the pedestal. Then crawl back out and climb up.

Jump over the gap.

Treasure (9):
Jump down into the next canyon and run to the end to find a treasure hunter who left you a pile of gold. Climb back up onto the plateau.

Climb the block. Turn to face the wall. Jump straight up. Indy will grab the ledge. Press to the left to shimmy sideways. Pull up into the passage. You will not be able to climb up on the left. Turn around and make a running jump to the opposite side. Climb the ladder. At the top turn to face the other side again and make a running jump to get there. Climb further up to the left. Kill the snake waiting for you.

Treasure (10):
Climb the ladder to find an alcove with crystal. Climb back down.

Now turn to face the other side of the canyon again. There you can see an opening in the wall. Take a running jump to get there. Follow the path to find the campsite.

You will meet Sophia who will convince you to join her in an adventure.

Gaming Time approx.: 15 Minutes
Treasures: 10 (These can be used to buy medkits and antidotes between levels.)

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