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Lara Croft: GoL Walkthough Notes

Please be aware, that the following are the notes I took while playing the game. It is not a detailed walkthrough, it is definitely missing items, but it can get you through parts of the game till the walkthrough is ready. These notes have been taken in multiplayer mode, some puzzles are different in single player.

MP - Multi Player
SP - Single Player
CR - Challange Room (an optional room)
RS - Red Skull
RB - Rolling Ball
PP - Pressure Plate
HS - Health Shrine
HU / AU - Health or Ammo Upgrade

Temple of Light

Collect the crystals around the platform where the mirror rested. Bomb the mechanisms on both sides. Go though the door. Go up to the urns and destroy them all - RS #1 (Red Skull) and many crystals.

Bomb the first set of traps up the stairs and collect the crystals. Use Totec's shield to reach the second trap and bomb it. (only MP) Reach the chamber where Xolotl awaits you.

Fight the enemies and run up the next stairs. RS #2 on the right. You can bomb the two traps. Step on the PP (pressure plate) to open the door. Use Totec's shield (or a spear) as a platform for Lara to jump up (SP: Use spear in wall). Use Lara's grapple to pull Totec up (only MP).Health Shrine (Standing near a Health Shrine will gradually refill your health. Each shrine will eventually dry up after being used for an extended period of time.)

Destroy the three urns. Fight the baddies. Run up the stairs to the urns and crystals. You may destroy the dart trap. Use the grapple to create a rope for Totec. (Attach it to the ring.) Let Totec walk over to the other side - RS #3. Stand on the PP to open the door behind Lara.

Kill the baddies and beware of the TNT. Collect the medipacks on the bottom of the screen as needed. Pull the lever on the left to open the timed door. Step through and fight. Down the stairs is another health pack. Use the spear to let Lara reach the RS #4 and to get up over the wall. Use the grapple to pull Totec along. Destroy the darts on the left. Collect the artefact "Clay Arrow" in the middle.

Use the lever and go through the door. (Bomb the darts first.) Health Shrine here. Climb the ladder, destroy the darts and fight the baddies. RS #5 and crystals. Roll the two boulders down and place them on the two PPs.

Challenge: Jump between the 7 (different) spider pods (Trophy: Overachiever, when it is the first) and collect crystals and RS #6.

Use the grapple to make Lara wallrun to the other side. Step on PP to bring up the walkway for Totec. (or: use grapple to pull him over)

Xolotl's Trap: The pressure plates turn off the fire of the burner opposite. Run clockwise from the turning burner. Have one player stand on the PP and the other pull the lever once the fire underneath is out. (Use RB in SP). After pulling the first the trap will heat up. Run counter-clockwise from the trap and use the other PP/lever combination.

Through the door. RS #7. Have Totec stand on the PP. Have Lara jump the raised plates. Have Lara create a tight rope for Totec. Use the RB (rolling ball) to reach the RS #8 left of the door (or Jump-Jump - stand on Totecs Shield, both jump up)

Get through the door. Bomb the trap, collect the medipacks as needed. Have Totec shield-walk down and bomb the trap. Have Lara use the grapple on the lower ring to get the RS #9. Have Lara create a tightrope for Totec (or pull him up later). Have Lara wallrun from the upper ring to reach the HU (Health Upgrade) and the upper level. Shoot the door switch. Step through and shoot the door switch again. Fight the enemies.

CR #1 (Challenge room) Have Lara create a tightrope for Totec across the spike pit. Have Totec walk across and have him throw a spear into the wall on the right, below the HU. Then have Totec throw a spear at the trigger. Have Lara walk past the opened gate and use the spear in the wall to reach the HU. Have Totec throw a spear at the trigger again and have Lara step through the second gate. Throw a spear into the back wall and have Lara collect the AU (Ammo Upgrade). Have Totec open the doors for Lara to exit and make him tightrope again. Exit.

Urns up the stairs. Run further up. Fight the enemies.

CR #2 Have Totec throw a spear at the trigger. (Or Lara shoot it.) Have Lara (or Totec) walk past the gate and stand on the PP. Have Totec (or Lara) walk across the walkway, then shoot the trigger, then collect the rolling ball to roll it on the other PP, where Lara (or Totec) is standing. Then have one of them stand on the PP near the entrance to have both walkways up. Make the other jump across (beware of the darts) to collect the AU. Exit.

Up the stairs. Relic "Knife of Itzli" (Power Shot). Pull the trigger to bring up the timed plates. Jump across, collect the RS #10 and climb up the ledges. On the second use a spear to get Lara up, use the grapple to get Totec up. On the third repeat the procedure. On the next use the rope to create a "bridge" for Totec to run up. Attach the rope to Totec and pull Lara up. Flee up the path to escape the boulder falling down. Run through the door.

Temple Grounds

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