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Golden Mask

Tomb Raider II Gold - Golden Mask

Walkthrough Version 1.0

1. The Cold War
2. Fool's Gold
3. Furnace of the Gods
4. Kingdom
5. Nightmare in Vegas

Moves & Tips

About Golden Mask

Golden Mask also known as Tomb Raider II Gold is basically an add-on. In Golden Mask you can get into a bonus level "Nightmare in Vegas" by collecting all the 12 secrets (3 in each level). These add-ons are for the PC, there is no PSX Version available.


Hop right into the walkthrough starting with the first level. This walkthrough includes the Bonus Level Nightmare in Vegas. If you need some more help take a look at the TR II Moves. If you are having problems with anything please ask your questions in the Forum.

Weapons and Opponents

Weapons and opponents are basically the same as in Tomb Raider II. Killers might look a bit different, and the nice monks are now (ice) warriors. But they are still harmless unless you attack them first.

Savegames and Cheats

For situations where you are completely stuck and cannot get out, you can download my savegames. The first level is done. You can also try the cheats, they are the same as in Tomb Raider II.


Golden Mask is a nice add-on. It is more difficult than the average of TR2. There are a lot of difficult jumps, especially if you are trying to get all the secrets. Again you will meet good guys and badguys and very bad guys, like the strange bird.


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During the course of her day-to-day investigative research, Lara comes across some 'clues' referring to a small island in the Bering Sea: a faded photograph showing an Inuit Whalehunter holding what looks like an ancient Golden Mask, an old newspaper from 1945 referring to a conflict over an Alaskan gold discovery, and a secret kind of fortified military minebase. Lara is primarily interested in finding the Mask, as it is rumored to be the famed Golden Mask of Tornarsuk - a 'greater spirit' said to bestow powers of re-animation on the mask wearer.

Patches and Technical Problems

Normally Golden Mask should run on a Win2000/XP System without Patch. If you are having trouble check out this page at Eidos.
If you have any further technical problems I'd advise you to look at the Eidos Support Pages. If the problem isn't mentioned here, I haven't had it and I cannot help you. If you have solved any problem yourself and want to help others send me an email. Thank you.

Three Kings in Vegas

If you have played the Vegas Level and wonder who the three kings mentioned on the posters are, here is what I guess to be the explanation:
The first king is quite obviously Elvis Presley, there are signs around advertising the "Cell Block Rock". Doesn't that remind us of "jailhouse rock"?
The second king is the T-Rex. The word rex has Latin origin and means king, quite simply.
The third king is probably the strange bird creature. After all, he was the one guarding the Kingdom.

Walkthrough Copyright Information:
© 2000 - 2021 tombraidergirl This walkthrough is not to be copied onto other webpages, printed and used in any other way than for personal use. If there are any errors/typos/missing images, please report them in our forum, or if you have any suggestions please contact me. If you need help use the forum. The TR I & II Walkthroughs are based on the UK PSX version and the others are based on the German PC version.