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Legend FAQ

What's the title of Tomb Raider 7?

Tomb Raider 7 is also known as "Tomb Raider Legend".

When did Legend come out?

  • PC, PlayStation 2, XBox and XBox 360
    • Europe - 7th April 2006
    • United States - 11th April 2006
    • South Africa - 21st April 2006
  • PlayStation Portable
    • Europe - 9th June 2006
    • United States - 21st June 2006
  • Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS
    • Europe - 31st October 2006
    • United States - 1st November 2006
  • Game Cube
    • Europe - 1st December 2006
    • United States - 1st November 2006

On which platforms can Legend be played?

  • Regular Version:
    • PC
    • PS2
    • XBox
    • XBox 360
    • Game Cube
    • PSP
  • Adapted Versions (for various mobile devices):
    • Game Boy Advance
    • Nintendo DS
    • Mobile Phones

What's the story?

Looking for an ancient stone dais Lara travels to Bolivia where she finds what she's looking for. But James Rutland got there before her and snatched a precious sword piece from right under her nose. She then sets out to retrieve this and find three more pieces. She soon realises that the artefact she is trying to piece together is none other than the famous Excalibur. The key to reforging the sword it an item her mother possessed and lost in the plane crash.

Is Kurtis in it?

No. The Angel of Darkness is done and so is Kurtis. The only characters besides Lara who make their return are Lara's butler Winston and her friend Zip.

Is Lara's mansion in the game?

Yes, the Croft Manor is back. It does not serve as a training level though, but could be concidered a bonus level. It can be accessed from the main menu anytime during the game, however some doors are locked until Lara actually travels to Surrey during the course of her adventure, after she has completed all tasks in the first Bolivia level. There are tons of rewards hidden in this level, Lara can try on all her unlocked clothes and meet her butler Winston and her two friends Alister and Zip.

Are there any Secrets in the game?

Yes, there are over 100 secrets in Tomb Raider Legend. They are called Rewards and come in three types: Bronze (easy to find), Silver (slightly difficult) and Gold (only one in each level, difficult to find). Finding them will unlock bonus stuff, like new outfits.

Does Lara have her twin pistols?

Yes! Lara's twins are back and the ammunition is unlimited. Occasionally Lara has to reload and will stop shooting for a short moment.

Which enemies can be expected?

There is a huge number of human opponents most of them Rutland's (or Amanda's) mercenaries. They might be armed with two types of rifles, a shotgun or a grenade launcher. Some are found on Motorbikes or in Jeeps. Other opponents are jaguars, snow leopards and dogs.

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