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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. How do I get off the quad bike (or any other vehicle)?

    quad bike, kayak, minecar (TR3):
    Press the roll button (PC: End PSX: Circle) and left or right to leave the vehicle in this direction.

    snowmobile, motorboat (TR2, Golden Mask); jeep, motorbike (TR4):
    Press the jump button and left or right to leave the vehicle in this direction.

    If this doesn't work practice!!!

  2. Chronicles; the last level: Why wont the elevator doors open? How do I get past the two cyborgs?

    The last level is full of bugs. But I've explained everything to the detail in my walkthrough. In general:
    Lift: Do not save after pressing the lift buttons till the doors are open again.
    1. Cyborg: Do not save after pressing the button which drained the water, till you've picked up the key.
    2. Cyborg: Do not save immediately after pressing the button in the bar, and do not save after encountering the second cyborg till you've trapped him.

  3. Where can I get a nude patch?

    Not here!!! Use any search engine and type in "nude raider", I recommend excluding "free" as many sites contain the words "nude raider free", like mine. That's all I'm going to say, if you think you need that, that's your choice.

  4. Where can I get the games?

    Again not here!!! (with the exception of custom levels for the level editor) There are so many shops out there that are selling the games quite cheap. Shouldn't be to difficult to find one. Try Amazon or e-bay!? I will not copy any of the games for you. The same goes for the movie!

  5. Where can I get the Level Editor?

    The Level Editor came with Tomb Raider Chronicles and in some cases even with the Movie DVD. Apparently in the US you can now share the Level Editor legally. That does not apply for me, as Eidos Germany has a different opinion, so please do not ask me.
    You can download the level editor at

  6. How do I install a custom level?

    Simple answer. Have a look at the level's readme and at my installation instruction.

  7. How can I get into the Tomb Raider III Bonus Level?

    You have to collect all Secrets in Tomb Raider III to get into the Bonus Level. If you've missed some you can download a savegame or for PSX Users, use the cheat: Press L2x5 R2 L2x3 R2 L2 R2 L2x2 R2 L2x2 R2 L2x2 during game.

  8. I am running Windows 2000/XP and am getting errors, what can I do?

    Tomb Raider 3- 5 might need a patch to run under 2K/XP. After the game has been patched it might take longer to load and the videos might be strange. You can find the patch at:

  9. How can I get into a crawlspace? Lara won't climb in!

    Lara can only get into a crawlspace if her legs are in the air. So you have to let go and quickly grab the ledge. Then press crouch and up to get in before Lara can but her feet back on s ladder.

  10. How can I save in Tomb Raider 3 on the PSX?

    Whoever got the idea to it should be hanged!! You have to collect the blue crystals. Then if you want to save your game, go to the inventory and choose the crystals. In the PC Version you'll get green crystals instead of blue and they'll act as small instant medipack.

  11. Is there a cheat for the PC Version of Chronicles?

    Yes there is, but it's got nothing to do with "face north". They are on my cheats page.

  12. Why can't I save or load my savegames in Chronicles?

    If you start Chronicles from the CD, the program will attempt to save on the CD. The savegames will disappear after quitting the game. So you should start chronicles from your Start Menu!!