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Common Gameplay Problems

You won't find any technical issues here. Check out my Technical Tips instead.

Gameplay Problems

Serpent Rouge. How do I get to the top and what do I do with the light controls.

You have to use the moving scaffold with the spotlights to get up to the top, at the back you can climb onto the roof of the scaffold. Done that you have to make your way to the control room up here. In there you will find two levers, one of them turns the other scaffold with the spotlights, the other pulls the spotlight nearest out into the maintenance box. The spotlight you are looking for is looking different from the others. Move it to the spot closes to the maintenance box and pull it out. Don't forget, if you have pulled out another spotlight, you have to send it back in by using the other button again.

How do I beat the red ghost in Hall of Seasons?

Some general things you need to understand:
Your goal is to catch the blue light which jumps from statue to statue. As long as the red ghost is active the blue light will flee from you. You cannot kill the ghost, you can only stun it. Use the shotgun. You can find more in the Forum

How do I get past the lasers in Werner's apartment?

If you want to get past the first set of lasers in the hall of Werner's apartment, you have to shoot the killer till he disappears. Careful, there are bugs in this level and it's possible that you cannot shoot him. In this case: Start the level again. If you are having trouble getting past the lasers outside the hall you have to keep one thing in mind: Lara can now crawl like a snake. Press and hold the crouch button, then press the stealth button.

How do I beat Boaz?

Your goal is to provoke Boaz to spit green jelly. Then you have to shoot the pods at her back. There are four, two on each side. Kurtis will aim at the first one automatically. To change target, press the roll button. If you are having trouble with this still, check out the thread in our Forum. This is also the place to ask your questions.

General Questions

Can I use twin pistols?

No you can't! Even if you have collected two of the same you will only be able to use one gun at a time. None of the weapons in the whole game can be used as pair. You might notice that sometimes you will lose two bullets when shooting. This is a bug.

Is Kurtis dead?

We don't know. Probably not. However he will not be in the next game.

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