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Death by Degrees

What is Death by Degrees?

"Death by Degrees", previously known as Nina (working title) is an action adventure, much like Tomb Raider. Nina, who is a character from Namco's popular fighting game Tekken, works as undercover agent and has to infiltrate a meeting of a secret organisation on a cruise ship. (Similar setting to the VCI part of Tomb Raider Chronicles.)

The biggest difference to Tomb Raider is, that in Death by Degrees, you have quite a lot of fighting to do, and most of it in hand to hand combat. Admittedly fighting in Death by Degrees is not easy and was one of the main reasons the game wasn't such a big hit. You have to develop some skills with the control-pad, before you'll start to enjoy the game. In other words, the controls are much harder than in the average action adventure game.

The game is available for PS2 only.


If you are interested, you should check out the official site. It's in Japanese, don't tell me I haven't warned you.


Nina has to infiltrate a secret organization, called the Camietta. A member of this group recently completed work on a super weapon called the Salakia and is intent on selling it to terrorists. In order to get closer to the group Nina enters an underground fighting tournament on a cruise ship. After winning the tournament Nina's discovered as a spy.

With the help of the CIA she has to fulfill her mission and search the boat for important information.

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