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Custom Levels

Tomb of the Vikings

0.) Introduction

Thanks for downloading my level. Have fun, be safe!

(That means: Save early, save often. I've build in some very nasty things, mainly stupid jumping around.)

I have written this walkthrough from memory. There may be errors. Forgive me. ;-)

1.) Outside the Tomb

You start outside the tomb. Turn around an collect the ammo. Pass under the bridge to the circle of stones. Find the lowest stone and climb onto it. Turn around and shoot the baddy on the bridge. Maybe you'll have to jump to the next pillar first to do so. Find a way over the pillars to the bridge and collect the medipack the baddy lost. Turn to the right. Collect the ammo. Position yourself in front of the next pillar and take a running jump grabbing the ledge. Climb up. Take a running jump to the next pillar grabbing the ledge. ...and so on... until you reach the stone with the crossbow. Turn around and carefully go back the way you came. (Be sure to make running or standing jumps if necessary.)

Now go to the other side of the stone circle and do the same there to collect the ammo. Turn around and go to the tree above the room you've started in. Jump onto it. Jump onto the next tree. Run to the tree trunk and take a few side steps to the left to the end of the branch. Jump up and grab the ledge. Jump to the next tree. Climb up and pick up the artifact.

Grab the ledge of the tree and let go. You should land in the pool at the bottom of the tree. Go to the motorbike and get onto it. Drive through the archway. Turn right and stop at the church. Enter it. Enter the altar room and shoot the vase to the right. Collect the medipack. Leave the altar room.

Climb up the ladder as far as possible. Stand next to the corner facing the ledge. Jump and grab the ledge. Shoot the baddy and collect the large medipack. Enter the room to the right and move around the crates. Collect the items. Leave and climb up the ladder leading to the roof. (Make a backflip to leave the ladder.) Shoot the bats. Collect all items and the artifact. Leave the church.

Use the motorbike to get back to the place you've started. Use the collected artifact at the tree trunk in the middle next to the pool. The door in the pool opens. Follow the passage under water and use the crossbow to shoot the mummy in the grave you'll find at the end. Collect the artifact. Leave the way you came.

Go to the wooden house to the right of the room you have started in. Use the collected artifact to open the door. Shoot the baddy. Step onto the platform at the left end of the toilet. (The door inside the tomb opens.)

2.) The Tomb and the Maze

Now enter the tomb. (The door has opened when you've entered the other grave with the mummy inside.) Crouch to get in. Shoot the mummies with the crossbow. Turn left and use the door. Run to the end of the passage. Enter the maze. Go straight forward to the room with the mummies and shoot them. Push the switch. Turn around and go back up into the passage you came through. Run back to the door that has opened. Kill the baddies in there and collect the first piece of another artifact.

Go back to the maze. To open the doors step onto the corresponding platforms. (The light colours show you which door is connected to which trigger.) You should draw a map of the maze as you walk through it so you won't run into a dead end twice. ;-) (If you want to collect a secret later on be sure to enter the room behind the yellow door. The mummy behind the crate at the far end of the room has the second piece of the artifact.) There are some baddies in the maze. But you should be able to get rid of all of them. I won't describe the maze here. That would be no fun, would it?! *g*

To leave the maze you'll have to open the blue and the magenta door. If you have done that you may proceed through the hole in the ceiling in the room where you killed the mummies and used the switch. Run to the end of the passage and drop down. You'll find a room with a broken bridge. Go to the end of it an try to shoot the scorpion left to you. Jump into the water. Turn left and climb onto the ledge AFTER you have triggered the spiked ball in the ceiling.

Climb up, turn to face the wall, take a jump backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the right, around the corner and climb up. Stand with the face to the wall and sidesault to the right. Go down the stairs and kill the scorpion. Stop at the end of the stairs. Use the crossbow (and the lasersight that you hopefully collected somewhere in the maze ;-) ) to get rid of the baddies and mummies down in the pit. Then drop down. Collect the artifact. Jump over the first trench. Turn right and go the corner, turning right there. The ladder should be behind you. Use it to get down.

Use a flare. Run to the right. Turn left at the corner. Turn left and enter the passage to the left. Turn right. Run to the wall, turn left. On the left wall you can see a passage above you. Climb in. Turn around. Go down into the pit. Go to the edge. Jump up and grab the greenery. Monkey climb to the ledge in the other corner. If you drop down, use the ladder at the first ledge to get up again.

Climb up and use the switch. Then go back to the room with the trenches. Now leave this room through the doorway. Go to the corner. Shoot the baddy. Take a running jump and grab the ledge. Climb up. Turn around, jump backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the left around two corners. Climb up. Take a running jump and grab the ledge. Climb up the ladder.

Enter the room and shoot the mummies. Use the two pieces of the artifact to open the door at the far end of the room. Collect the ammo. Leave the room. Drop into the water and swim out. (Beware of the crocodile.)

3.) Out again

Swim to the shore. Kill the scorpions (there is one in the crevice, too) and the crocodile that might have followed you. Go to the crevice in the wall, jump up and grab it. Shimmy right until you can pull up. Turn right and go to the ladder. Climb up as far as you can. Jump backwards and turn in midair. Don't forget to grab the ladder on the other side. Climb up, shimmy right and drop onto the ledge. Kill the baddies. Run through the door back to the church.

Enter the altar room and go to the left wall. Use the artifact and open the door. Kill the baddy. Move away the crate in the room behind the door. Push the button. Leave the church and go back to the shore. On the left side a door has opened. Climb in and go as far as possible (right, left, right, forward, right, left, forward). Then crawl further into the passage. (Forward, left, right.) Push the switch. Turn around and crawl forward. Turn right and crawl to the end of the passage and step onto the marked platform. Leave the passage, go back to the shore and then back into the church. Go to the passage on the left (the same as before) and climb in. Turn right. Crawl forward (there are dart emitters in the wall). Turn left and sprint forward (a spiked ball will come from the right). Use the switch.

Go back to the altar room. Drop into the crypt (The trapdoor should have opened when you pulled the switch in the cave at the shore). Kill the mummies. Go to the far end of the crypt. Drop into the pit (the trapdoor should have opened when you pulled the switch in the room right to the altar room).

Kill the guard at the bottom of the pit. Then go down and drop into the water. Swim through the passage and into the next room. Turn right and pull up. Kill the two harpys. Jump onto the platform in the middle of the room (stand next to edge, take a running jump and grab the ledge. Then pull up). Turn around and jump onto the next platform. Turn around and jump onto the next platform. Pull up. Collect the two pieces of the artifact. Climb the ladder.

Go back to the room where you've started the game. Use the pieces of the artifact at the door at the gate. Get onto the motorbike and finish the level.

Walkthrough Copyright Information:
© 2000 - 2021 tombraidergirl This walkthrough is not to be copied onto other webpages, printed and used in any other way than for personal use. If there are any errors/typos/missing images, please report them in our forum, or if you have any suggestions please contact me. If you need help use the forum. The TR I & II Walkthroughs are based on the UK PSX version and the others are based on the German PC version.