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Custom Levels

Installing a custom level

If you've downloaded a custom level, you might get very different files.

First of all in most of the cases you are going to get a zipped file. You have to have winzip (FAQ) or winrar installed to unzip them.

Level files come in three different formats. (tr4 files, wad or exe)

First thing you have to do is: Install the Level Editor!! Preferably into the standard folder, or you might have trouble installing the exes.

If you downloaded any other files and don't know what to do, please refer to the read me which should be included in the download, or contact the author. If it's not one of the files above I have no clue!

After installing the level you have to run the tomb4.exe. Choose "new game" and select the correct level.


Some authors put their files into an exe. After running it the files will be in the correct folders. (Hopefully! I personally hate those files. The "program" will decide which is the correct folder and most of the time you cannot convince it, if it's wrong. Please make sure this is a trustworthy file, not a virus!) All you have to do is convert the tom file, hopefully it will work. If you have any trouble with this please contact the st**** id**** who made the file, not me! Thank you!


If your file contains a collection of files (wad, was, tom and others) you have to place them all into the graphics/wads-folder. Then open the tom2pc.exe. Press "add" in the "edit script" box. Choose the tom file and press "build all".

Other files contained in wad downloads:


wav-files have to go into the audio folder unless stated differently in the readme. (for example if someone has exchanged the sound/samples).


The script.dat has to go into the main folder.

english.dat; german.dat; french.dat; italian.dat

... or similar go into the main folder, along with the script.dat.


If your file contains a .tr4-file all you have to do is copy it into the data folder of the level editor. And copy the script files if given into the main le folder.

Walkthrough Copyright Information:
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