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Gameboy -> Curse of the Sword

The Museum

At the beginning, you can see letters when you go past an "object" these are the buttons you can press to "use" the object.


Extending the Ladder

Run to the right. The first door is locked. Run past the dinosaur skeleton and climb up at the next step. Climb down on the other side. Above your head is a retracted ladder. Run further to the right. The lift is not working. Use the orange switch right of it. The ladder on the left extends. Further to the right is a guard. You cannot get past.

Extending a Ceiling Ladder

Run back to the left and climb up the ladder. Turn right and jump onto the next platform. Use the switch. Jump back onto the left platform. Take a running jump to reach the ceiling and hold on to it. Monkey climb to the left. Let go at the end to drop onto the platform. At the end, you can collect a Large Medipak.

Switch for Door

Climb up the ladder on the left. On top, take a running jump towards the platform on the right. Climb onto the upper level and climb further up. Climb up through the gap and run to the right. On the left is another guard where you cannot get past. Use the switch at the end to open a door with a key behind it. Climb back down through the gap and drop further down twice.

Door Key

Now run to the right and through the open door. Collect the Door Key. Run back to the left. Take a running jump back to the ladder and climb back down. Monkey climb back to the right and climb down the ladder. Run back to the left. You can now unlock the maintenance door at the beginning.

Wires and Electricity

Step through the door. Go to the right end and jump up to the wires. Monkey climb to the right. Underneath is a platform with a rat. Ignore it. Climb further to the right till you reach a platform with Small Medipak. Drop down and collect it. Jump back onto the ceiling and climb to the right end. Drop onto the platform and save at the crystal. Switch on the generator in the corner. Then run back to the left. Look up at the wires. You have to climb to the left again. Pay attention to when and where the electricity sparks. After the second time, you have a pause where you can get past. Back on the left step through the door again to return to Jane. Run over to the right, past the dinosaur and climb up and down again to find the lift. Use it. Press up to go up.

Door Key

Get out of the lift. Run to the left and climb up twice. Use the orange switch to extend the ladder. Climb up. Take a running jump to the right. By the second statue, you can press A, but this won't work yet. Pick up the small medipak. Then run to the right and make a running jump onto the next balcony. Collect the door key. Run back to the left. Climb down to find a giant statue and the door you can open with the key. (Screenshot)

Ancient Shield

Step through and jump over the first gap. Climb further up and there, instead of running into the guard further on the right, climb up the ladder. Take a running jump over to the left and pick up the Large Medipak. Then running jump back to the right. Collect the Small Medipak and climb down the next ladder to get behind the guard. Save at the crystal. Then look at the statue on the right. You can press A. If you do so the head will open and a trapdoor on your left will open, and the guard standing on it will fall down. Run to the left. Climb down the ladder. Below run to the left and collect a Small Medipak and the Ancient Shield. Remember the second statue, where you could press A but nothing would happen?

The middle Statue

Run back to the right and climb up the ladder again. Take a running jump to the left. Run further along, drop down and jump over the next gap. Step through the door at the end. On the other side run to the left. Climb up three times and run towards the second statue. (Screenshot) Use the shield to open a door on the left. Run further to the left. Take a running jump over the gap. Climb up. Step through the door and collect the Small Medipak. Use the switch on the left wall. "You hear a door open."

Run back to the right and drop down. Climb down the ladder again. Climb down to the right. Run further to the right and step into the lift again. Take it further up.

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