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Only the main comic characters are listed on this site, you will find all in WikiRaider.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is the daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft. Her parents died during a plane crash. Since then she's going her own way. A very dangerous way. She travels around the globe chasing artifacts. She's not doing this for the money but for the fun. She's got more money than she can spend anyway.
(Remark: This is the description of the comic character, not the game character, which is a bit different.)

Chase Carver

Chase Carver is a treasure hunter, like Lara. He and Lara were a couple once. But she'd like to think that's a long time ago. He's played with Lara and with her money.

He will accompany Lara in many of her adventures.

Hartford Compton

Hartford Compton is an old friend of the Croft family. Lord Croft once saved his life. Since then he has been the family bodyguard. He wasn't there, when the plane crashed and killed Lara's parents. Lara thinks he is a guardian angel and that the plane wouldn't have crashed, if he had been there. He has a dark secret.

Vanessa Fenway

Vanessa is one of Lara's old college friends and a fellow archaeologist. In the comic saga Merlin Stone she invites Lara and Chase Carver to a dig in Mexico. They find a hidden world, where dinosaurs still exist.