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Tomb Raider Comics

On the following pages you can find all information about the Tomb Raider comics.
This includes the Tomb Raider Series, Tomb Raider Journeys, Epiphany, the Witchblade Crossovers and all One-shots and Graphic Novels by topcow.

TR 1st Volume full list
Issue #1 - 50

One-Shots full list
Epiphany, Takeover, Arabian Nights, Issue 0, Issue 1/2

TR Journeys full list
Issue #1 - 12

Crossovers full list
Witchblade, E.V.O., Fathom, Darkness...

Graphic Novels full list
Mystic Artifacts, Merlin Stone, Troubleseekers ...

Other Information
Characters  |  Images

Cover Search full list
Looking for a certain cover? Take a look at these pics and I will tell you which comic it is.

Tomb Raider Magazine full list
by Titan Magazines - the English Comic Issue

Limited full list
(additional list of all rare comics) Dynamic Forces, Tower Records...

Unlicensed Dark Aeons
(French comic that was taken off the market)