Monday, 20. September 2021    

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Welcome to the collectible gallery. I'm still working on it but I hope to present you all collectibles soon. This is no advertisement for any shop!!! I'm just trying to list all collectibles so you can see what's available.

Choose a category:

  • 6 Inch Action Figures (Game)
    Here you'll find all 6 Inch Action Figure.
  • 6 Inch Action Figures (Movie)
    Here you'll find the 6 Inch Movie Action Figure.
  • 9 Inch Action Figures
    These are the 9 Inch Action Figures available.
  • Statues
    There are a lot of different Lara statues in different sizes from desktop to life size available.
  • Posters
    I have listed some of the posters that are available.
  • Cards
    Customizable Card Game and more (under construction)
  • Comic Covers
    A list of all the Comic Covers in the Comic Section.

Where can you get these:

The answer is simple. Check out your local comic or game store and ask them if necessary. You might also want to try ebay.